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holiday eating

Two 15-Minute Vinyasa Flows that Can be Worked into Any Schedule: One Gentle, One Vigorous

If you are like me, my days are jam packed with work and family. There are days that I am being pull
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Dehydration and Weight Gain

  Staying hydrated throughout the holidays could be the #1 way to prevent weight gain. Holiday
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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Foods

Gathering with friends and family is the most important part of the holidays, but a very close secon
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Tangy Thai Mixed Nuts

This fabulous curried nut mix combines toasted pecans with peanuts, cashews, coconut flakes and lemo
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Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons The secret to these sweet treats are the micro chocolate chips. I found
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Holiday Bone Broth

The holidays bring decadent meals of roast turkey, beef, and lamb. Roasted meats on the bone are per
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5 Holiday Party Eating Strategies

Holiday Eating
1. Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Holiday Eating Do plan for one big indulgent event. Look
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