Top 10 Healthy Holiday Foods

Gathering with friends and family is the most important part of the holidays, but a very close second is the food that is enjoyed when we gather.

My family has a long tradition of getting together, making and eating food, and then playing cards, watching old movies, taking walks, basically just spending time together and food is at the center of it all; the making and the eating.

Foods that are in season are the foods that are traditional during the holidays. Be sure to include some of these healthy foods this holiday season.

TH61. Turkey

  • Great Price!! Buy a few turkeys, they are only $0.69/lb. right now. Put a couple away into the freezer.
  • Great source of protein. Protein will keep you satiated so you don’t over eat.
  • Healthy mono- and poly- unsaturated fats (possibly more from free-range birds)
  • High in B Vitamins.

TH92. Stock

  • After you have roasted your turkey and had one meal out of it, take the bones and make a stock
  • Stock is chock pull of minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese and the protein gelatin
  • Gelatin is beneficial in relieving symptoms of and/or preventing
    • osteoarthritis
    • osteoporosis
    • recovery from injury
    • and is beneficial to weight loss


sugar pumpkin3. Winter squash

  • Chock full of Vitamins A & C, essential nutrients for healthy bodies
  • Winter squash is satisfying both to our craving for something sweet and the texture satisfies the craving for fat.
  • Winter squash is relatively low in calories and very satisfying.



brussels4. Brussels sprouts

  • Try to harvest your Brussels sprouts after the first frost for best flavor
  • Brussels sprouts are versatile:
    • shred the raw vegetable for a modified slaw with dried cranberries
    • steam and toss with a little butter and salt, simply delicious
    • roast with olive oil, onion and garlic
    • saute with bacon and add pecans and a little spicy mustard


5. Beans beans big

  • Beans are rich in protein, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron,  & Vitamin B-6
  • Crowd out unnecessary refined carbohydrates try adding beans to:
    • Stuffing
    • Salads
    • Soups
    •  Or make a hummus with your favorite type of bean


cranberries7. Cranberries

  • On Monhegan we can go out to Lobster Cove and find wild berries, such a treat. Learn about how to find wild berries in your area HERE.
  • Instead of opening a can of cranberry sauce this year, try making your own from scratch. You will have more control over the amount of sugar added and if you keep it at a relatively low heat, you won’t destroy the Vitamin C.


love beets6. Beets

  • Low in calories and high in folate and manganese
  • Roast, steam, saute, or grate these colorful vegetables to elevate any recipe to a festive dish.


IMG_41158. Custard

  • Custards are high in protein, Riboflavin and trace minerals
  • Custards can be savory or sweet
  • Try my Pumpkin Custard recipe for an alternative to Pumpkin Pie that can be eaten for breakfast, dessert or as a side dish.


pomegranate 39. Pomegranates

  • This is a great time of year to buy pomegranates. I have seen them for $2.00 each, maybe less where you live.
  • They make a festive addition to salads.
  • Set them out for people to snack on instead of sugary or high-calorie treats
  • Try my Pomegranate Pancake recipe.


nuts10. Nuts

  • Growing up, nuts were a special holiday treat. My mom would always have a bowl of whole nuts with the shells on sitting around. Part of the fun was using the nut cracker and getting all of the nut out of the shell.
  • For a nice homemade holiday gift try making this jazzy nut recipe: Tangy Thai mixed nuts from Food and Wine Magazine.

Eating healthy during the holidays will make the season even more special. Instead of feeling yucky and overweight in the new year, enjoy delicious-nutritious foods that leave you feeling great.

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