5 Holiday Party Eating Strategies


1. Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Holiday Eating

  • Do plan for one big indulgent event. Look at your social calendar and choose one event where you are going to go hog wild, no judgement, no regrets.
  • Don’t eat everything. Be discriminating: Think about your favorite foods during the holiday, eat that but NOT every thing.
  • Do eat foods that look really appealing or satisfying. Choose a small portion of decadent puff pastry, perfectly seared tenderloin, or creamy crab dip
  • Don’t eat mindlessly. Choose what will be most rewarding to you.
  • Do eat the good for you foods first. Eat from the veggie tray first, if the party is potluck be sure to bring a veggie tray with all of your favorite things to the party.


2. Drink plenty of water:


Dehydration causes:

  • poor food choices
  • cravings for caffeine
  • cravings for sugar
  • thinking your hungry when you are thirsty

Keep water with you all of the time and drink continuously throughout the day.

3. Take Small portions:

holiday buffet

Want to try everything on the buffet? Try this strategy:

  • take a quarter size portion of each item
  • taste it
  • savor it
  • move on

Often the first few bites of anything you are eating are the most delicious. So keep it fresh and appealing by taking small portions.

4. Talk more than you eat and drink:


The holidays are about gathering together with friends and family first, and the food is a very close second.

At a social function:

  • spend the majority of your time talking with other guests
  • stand away from the food table
  • set your plate down while you talk
  • at a sit down dinner
    • put your fork down between bites
    • truly engage with the person next to you in conversation

5. Low carb appetizers: 


Holiday appetizers are some of the highest calorie foods. Appetizers include high calorie chips, crackers, and bread as the vehicle for spreads, dips, and cheese.

Replace with a lower carb alternative:

  • cucumber slices
  • celery sticks
  • carrot sticks
  • pear slices
  • apple slices
  • lettuce leaves
  • endive leaves


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