A Clean Diet


A clean diet, a clean you, a clean family, a clean community, a clean world. It all starts with you.

A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to hear Terry Walters, someone at the forefront of the clean living movement, it was an AhHa moment. She was able to communicate all of the thoughts that had been swimming around in my head for several years about how to eat well and live sustainably. She spoke succinctly and clearly and I felt relief that there are people out there that are so good at creating and delivering this important message of clean living.

What is clean living? It is very simple really, and that is one of the things I love about it the most, “eat whole, minimally processed and close to the source for maximum nutrition”. There are no lists of foods to exclude only clear and simple guidelines to make conscious food choices.

What does clean look like? Fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden, the farmer’s market, a CSA (community supported agriculture) share, the local section of the grocery store; whole grains either locally grown or organic (if organic, preferrably in the US or Canada); whole animal products that are raised in a humane way; minimally processed dairy products, raw when available; home made or bakery baked breads without preservatives

Making conscious food choices means making the best possible choice for you and your family. Make brightly colored vibrant foods that are delicious everyday. Choose sustainably and humanely grown items whenever possible. Eat with joy not deprivation.

When I first started my business diet-EARTH, nutrition and environmental sustainability were the two things I wanted to emphasize as the gateway to health and happiness for individuals and their families. When you are in concert with nutrition and the environment and making choices that reflect this concert, your body will sing with energy and vitality. Your family will notice and be better for it, your community will notice and be better for it, and the world will notice and be better for it. It all starts with you.