Weight-Loss Coaching:

  • 60-70% success rate with personal coaching
  • personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • support and accountability

Personal coaching will help you to integrate a healthy habits into your lifestyle.

Wellness retreats:

  • a great way to kick-start a lifestyle change
  • get away from distractions
  • open up to the possibilities.

Retreat is a gift to yourself to get out of the daily grind, relax and focus on caring for yourself.

On retreat you are more receptive to new ideas and information allowing you to return to your life rejuvenated and ready for the healthy life you deserve.


Do you already have a yoga practice? A retreat can be a wonderful way to deepen your practice or just give yourself the gift of bliss. Each season will have several opportunities for you to deepen your practice and eat yummy healthy foods.
Take a retreat and return to your life rejuvenated and ready for the healthy life you deserve.



YOU! You are exactly the person who can benefit from coaching or  a retreat. People who have benefited from coaching or retreats in the past were able to answer yes to at least one of these questions:

Are you stressed out?

Do you work more than 40 hours per week?

Do you use the words ‘I was BAD, I ate a piece of CAKE’?

Do you get a 3 o’clock slump most days?

Do you ever binge on foods that you have deprived yourself from having?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the news in the media about health and nutrition?

Do you have a yoga practice and you want to have the space and time to explore your yoga more?

Do you feel tired and low-energy most days?


Weight-loss coaching:

Remotely. I use Skype, Facetime, or telephone to coach my clients to success. Whether you live in Maine or Australia, we can work together to meet your weight-loss goals.


Monhegan Wellness offers retreats on beautiful Monhegan Island in Maine.  Monhegan is often referred to as a spiritual vortex, making it an amazing place for growth and change. Among the outermost islands of Maine’s central coast, there are few that rival Monhegan for remoteness and scenic wonder. About 45 people live here year-round, most making their living from the sea or catering to summer visitors. The unique charm of the village and ruggedness of the coastline has made Monhegan a summer haven for artists and other visitors for more than 100 years.

Monhegan Wellness builds on the natural ability of the island to heal and nourish by providing participants with the space, knowledge and skills to take full advantage of all that Monhegan offers. Participants leave rejuvenated and ready for the healthy life they deserve.

How to get there



Weight-loss coaching: I work around your schedule. Any day of the week, any time.

Retreats are offered Mid-May to Mid-October on Monhegan Island. The full retreat schedule.

In addition to retreats, Monhegan Wellness offers Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Day Retreat By Design, Cooking Demonstrations, Chef in Your CottageHealth Coaching, and Meditation both on island and virtually using Skype, Facetime or telephone.



Monhegan Wellness offers remote personal weight-loss coaching.

Monhegan Wellness offers retreats to people looking to lose weight, increase energy, decrease stress and explore yoga in a serene environment with personal attention, good food and plenty of support.

Yoga: Whether you are a seasoned yogi or curious newbie, yoga is accessible to you. Monhegan Wellness develops the principals of yoga, compassion, kindness and self-awareness, for each retreat participant meeting them where they are and building from there. Yoga is not just to be practiced in a studio on a mat, it is a way of approaching the world with grace and love. This approach to life will help you to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Cooking: Monhegan Wellness teaches skills to create healthy meals every day. Flavor, health, and ease of preparation are the focus allowing participants to return home with a toolbox of skills they can easily apply without a lot of time or fancy equipment. The cooking skills you will return home with will help you to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Inner Wisdom: You wouldn’t know it by the daily news, but each one of us has a deep inner wisdom that guides us to the foods that our body’s need. Breaking through culture, negative self-talk and media influences is no easy task. Through the support and skills that Monhegan Wellness teaches, you can achieve the freedom from lists of good and bad foods, calorie counting, and obsessing over everything that passes your lips. Freedom that will lead to healthy weight, more self-esteem, balanced energy, and the confidence to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Planning: At times clients aren’t able to meet their health and wellness goals because of poor planning. Monhegan Wellness provides actionable tips and planning guidelines. Good planning will help you to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Stress management: Mindfulness meditation is an accessible form of meditation that can be used throughout life. Mindful eating, Mindful spending, Mindful playing, Mindful planning are all aspects of life that can be positively influenced through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Retreats offer the time and space to explore this skill for yourself. Mindfulness meditation aids in stress management helping you to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Places to Stay:

Day retreats are planned so that participants can arrive on either the Hardy Boat out of New Harbor, ME or the Monhegan Boat out of Port Clyde, ME. You can learn more about directions, schedules and rates by clicking on the boat line names.

Multi-day retreats are planned in conjunction with The Trailing Yew. The Trailing Yew offers comfortable rooms, healthy meals, and quiet space.

Participants can choose to make their own reservations at any one of the establishments listed below for day retreats and multi-day retreats.

The Trailing Yew includes breakfast

The Island Inn includes breakfast

Shining Sails includes breakfast (efficiency apartments and cottage rentals for long term stay)

Brackett Rentals for long term stay 207-594-9151

Monhegan Island Cottage Rentals for long term stay 207-596-0175

Monhegan Wellness manages one apartment, learn more HERE and call Tara at 207-210-2544 to book