Free Webinar Sunday Series


The third Sunday of each month, January to April, Monhegan Wellness will be hosting free webinars.

This month we talked about the Circle of Life:  11_the_circle_of_life. Use this PDF exercise to identify imbalances in your life and areas where you may need to focus more energy and attention. Often are eating habits, stress levels, and joy for life affect our health, weight, and illness. This visual exercise helps to identify imbalance. When life balance is achieved positive health and weight are achieved. Each person is an individual, life balance will reflect your individuality.

Balance in your Circle of Life affects:

  • food choices
  • how much you eat
  • when you eat
  • activity level
  • stress level

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February 22 10 am: SMART Goal Setting: planning your healthy lifestyle manifests success

March 22 10 am: Macro and Micro Nutrients: what they are and how to incorporate them into your healthy diet

April 26 10 am: TBA

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For more personalized attention join, Yoga For Balanced Eating an online series offered March 18-May 20, every other week. Register HERE.