Healthy Guys!!!

Happy Father’s Day and just like on Mother’s Day, this day celebrates all men whether they are a father or not, because in one way or another you father, just like all women, mother on some level.

As a woman, I tend to write about women’s health more than men, but I want to change that. My husband is one of the most strong, giving people I know and although he eats well, he is not great at taking care of himself. He doesn’t stretch, even though I ask him to all of the time. He doesn’t eat some of the healthy things I think he should. He doesn’t take to relax or time just for himself. I think a lot of men are like this, they just push and push, taking care of everyone around them and forgetting to take care of himself too.

Men can be pretty stubborn and finding strategies to help them incorporate healthy habits can be challenging, that’s why I was grateful when I saw this graphic from including tips for healthy men. As a regular visitor, I am happy to share this graphic. For more healthy eating ideas and inspiration, check out their healthy snacking & high protein snacks pages that promote good health for every body, and especially men.”

This graphic has simple, actionable tips that any man can and will do.


I am grateful for so many men in my lives and I want them all to be happy and healthy. In celebration of Men’s Month and Father’s Day, encourage your favorite man to get active doing something that he really likes, eating tasty, healthy food, and connecting with friends and family. These are the hallmarks of long, healthy life.

How will you get your man healthy?