Mindful Eating


This week I have been focusing on mindful eating. Taking the time to chew, feel, and taste every morsel of food and drink I put in my mouth.

Yesterday’s lunch was breaded turkey breast salad.

First, I take a moment to take in all that is on my plate. The lettuce is dark green and purple, carrots orange, berries blue, almonds cream and brown, brie white, turkey pale pink. The light glints off the damp vegetables and soaks into the drier meat. First we eat with our eyes.

Then, I take a deep breath, filling my nose with the contents of my plate. With my eyes closed, I try to identify the different aromas. The same as tasting a new wine, taking it in and letting it sit for a moment before classifying the flavor that sits at the base of my tongue. Smoky, fruity, flowery, musty, grassy.

My fork gathered up a small piece of turkey, carrot, and almond slivers. Crunchy. Crispy. Dry. The turkey had a slight bit of spice that made my taste buds stand up and take notice. The carrots added sweetness and the almonds, an earthy flavor. The next bite included blueberries and brie. As my teeth broke through the taught skin of the fresh berry, a splash of sour hit the side of my tongue while a dash of sweet fell on the tip. Brie has a creamy, fatty, subtle bite on the inside that spread over my teeth and tongue, the rind on the outside providing that bit of resistance that placates the mouths desire. Putting together different combinations in each bite provided a myriad of flavor, nuance and adventure. Bitter lettuce, sweet carrot, sour blueberry, salty brie, umami almonds provides my tongue with all of the flavors of the rainbow.

Eating this way slowed me down, so much so that a small plate of food took me close to an hour to eat. I appreciated each morsel and enjoyed the texture, taste and smell of each bite.

At the end of the meal, I wiped my mouth, satisfied.

Do you eat for reasons other than hunger? Maybe you eat when you are sad or mad. Or do you ever eat and feel so full and bloated that you are uncomfortable? Sign up today for mindful eating consultation and make these situations a part of the past.

Experiment on your own with this informational PDF: 9_mindful_eating