One Simple Brine Equals 1000’s of Possibilities

You all know by now how much fermented foods are near and dear to my heart. Fermented foods helps to create a healthy gut micro flora which aids in better digestion, a boosted immune system, and reduces toxic build up in your body.  It is one of the easiest and most beneficial diet additions that one can make with incredible results. So join me today in adding fermented foods to your daily diet!!

This time of year is perfect for fermented foods. Fall is root vegetable harvest season and these vegetables work great for fermented foods. The rigid fiber of the vegetable holds up to the brine and microbes so they don’t get slimy or floppy but remain crisp and crunchy. Much more palatable and appealing.  Cabbage is also harvested at this time and does extremely well as a fermented food, many cultures around the world ferment cabbage as part of their daily diet. Sauerkraut and kimchi are the two most popular and commonly known. They are also delicious!!

One simple  brine is the base for all lacto fermented vegetable recipes.

3 cups filtered, non-chlorinated water with 2 teaspoons sea salt dissolved. Once you prepare this simple brine, just wash your vegetables, peel them if they have a rough outer skin, and pack them into jars. This brine is enough for two pints.

Now you can get creative and let you imagination go wild. Add any variety of fresh or dried herbs, garlic, ginger or citrus peels to the brine mix to suit your tastes.

About 1 teaspoon dried herbs or 1 Tablespoon fresh will be enough to flavor your vegetables.

Spicy: mustard seed, dill, and red pepper flakes

Sour: fresh garlic, ginger (minced), lemon rind (strips)

Sweet: honey (1tsp.), lemon grass (minced)

Bitter: coriander and cumin seeds

Once you get your creative on and make some fun flavor varieties, fill your pint jars with brine and cover the vegetables completely. Put the lids on loosely and place in a dry place out of direct sunlight for 24-48 hours. Check the jars daily, when you see they are bubbly or effervescent, they are ready to put the lids on tight and store in the refrigerator. To start store the jars in the door of the refrigerator, the warmest part of the refrigerator.

Your gut will thank you!!