Snowshoeing Monhegan Island



Monhegan Island is known for it’s untarnished beauty and extensive hiking trails. Despite the relative small size of the island, 1.5 miles long by .5 miles wide, Monhegan is estimated to have 17 miles of hiking trails.

In the 1950’s, Monhegan Associates, organized and over several years purchased and had land donated to the organization until just about 2/3 of the island is in conservation.

Monhegan’s terrain is quite varied, the backside is rocky with high cliffs, Cathedral woods provides shelter on windy days, and Pebble beach has big, beautiful round stones that are fun to explore.

I have been hiking Monhegan for almost 15 years and have yet to get bored with the terrain or the views.

I get out for hikes on the trails just about every day all-year round. This year the island has gotten more snow than we have had in years. With this snow I had been running into road blocks at every entrance to the trails. So the last time I was inshore, I went to the local sports retail store and picked up a pair of Atlas snow shoes. Now I can get out every day. I love my new snowshoes.


I have always been a bit of a trail blazer and ‘road-less-traveled’ kind of girl, I love breaking a trail, crossing the uncrossable and going places I couldn’t go before. So far I have crossed our water filled meadow, ravines and along the edges of snow drifts. These snowshoes give me the freedom to get outside and active despite the inclement weather.IMG_1876IMG_1881

If you have had a hard time getting outside and active this winter because of the large snow fall, snowshoes may just be the answer to your dilemma.

Snow shoes are relatively inexpensive and they are hardy enough to last upwards of 10-15 years. Some brands or retail outlets will repair snow shoes for you as well. Snowshoeing does not require a lot of extra gear either. Of course just like any sport you can buy accessories and special gear or outfits, but you don’t need these things. What you will need is layers of water-resistant clothing for warmth, good snow boots, and good snow gloves. Most likely you already own these things, so go out and get your snow shoes.

Don’t let the inclement weather keep you from getting outside and getting active this winter.

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