Strategies to Get through the Holidays with Your Sanity and Waistline in Tact

The holidays are a stressful time of year. A lot of people are striving to fit everything in, striving for perfection, and striving to meet exterior demands and expectations. Take a moment this holiday season and prioritize the most important things in your life, the things that have to be done, the things that are family traditions, and activities that bring the meaning of the holidays to you. Then look at all of the other little details that don’t fulfill those priorities and just recognize them for what they are, non-necessities.

The big things in life, your priorities, are your BIG ROCKS or in the the theme of the holidays your SHINY ORNAMENTS.

The little details, the things you want to do but don’t NEED to do, are your SMALL ROCKS  or PAPER CONFETTI.

Your LIFE VESSEL, pictured here as a vase, is the finite amount of time and energy.



Shiny Ornaments are different for everyone but can include:

  • work/child care
  • family traditions
  • religious and spiritual activities
  • friends and family

Paper confetti examples are:

  • sending holiday cards
  • deep cleaning the house before guests arrive
  • making homemade gifts for everyone you know
  • attending events out of obligation

When we fill up our LIFE VESSEL or vase with the PAPER CONFETTI items first and then add in our SHINY ORNAMENTS, look what happens:


The LIFE VESSEL is overflowing and the SHINY ORNAMENTS aren’t even in the vessel.

When we fill our LIFE VESSEL with SHINY ORNAMENTS first and then the PAPER CONFETTI, this is what life looks like:


The LIFE VESSEL contains all of the SHINY ORNAMENTS and the PAPER CONFETTI have filtered in around the big priorities. With a LIFE VESSEL that looks like this, you will feel less stress and more stable through the holidays. When you feel less stress and more stable, you also feel more JOY.  😀

We live in a busy and hectic time, I help support and coach people to make the lifestyle changes to live a happy, healthy life everyday.

I am wishing you and yours PEACE and JOY this holiday season

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