UnPlug & Get Healthy

I have a real passion for health and wellness promotion, I get a lot out of educating and empowering my clients, and seeing them make diet and lifestyle changes that last.

From the very beginning, I saw that Monhegan Island has a natural ability to provide health and nourishment.  I have lived on Monhegan for 14 years, 10 of them as a year-round resident. In that time I have worked in customer service during the summer, first as a restaurateur and then as a grocer. The thing that occurred to me over and over again was the obvious need for people visiting the island to de-stress  and the fact that Monhegan was integral to each person’s ability to heal, breath, and renew during their time here.

Monhegan Wellness builds on the island’s natural ability to heal and nourish by offering yoga, nutrition, stress management, and cooking skills to our clients.

What makes Monhegan Island so special in accomplishing these goals? This is where UnPlug & Get Healthy comes into the picture.

  • Most of the cottages and hotels have electricity but not in the capacity that we have become accustomed to. Television, computers and other technology are not provided. A break from technology gives retreat participants the opportunity to truly UnPlug.
  • There are no movie theaters, zip lines, kayak rentals or other organized activities; sometimes all there is to do is bury your toes in the sand, lay back on a blanket and watch the clouds go by
  • The Monhegan Library offers a wonderful selection of fiction and non-fiction; take a break and let your imagination take you on an adventure
  • The 17 miles of hiking trails will keep  you busy for several days, exploring the wildflowers, cliffs, and sea shore
  • Sitting and listening to the sounds of nature all around you is invigorating
  • The sounds of waves crashing on the shore makes time stand still
  • Produce grown on island by The Island Farm Project provides nourishment and the sense of community that comes from knowing the farmer who grew your food
  • The Monhegan Church provides a variety of engaging, community oriented and inter-faith activities, including Jamboree every other Tuesday and Inter-faith Hymn Sing on Sunday evenings

Part of a healthy lifestyle is taking time to connect with nature, community and self. In our culture today, most people are busy, busy, busy. All of this busy-ness makes it difficult to tune into our intuition and connect with our self and our loved ones. Monhegan is an environment where you can slow down and get to know your self again. Let your mind be quiet. Let your mind wander. Monhegan provides the space and time to chill out, relax with yourself and loved ones, and really unwind.

My wish for everyone is that they take this time for their self from time to time so that they can return to life a happier, healthier person. In my opinion Monhegan is the best place to do it.

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