Yoga For Balanced Eating

My journey to health and wellness was a long and winding road.

My path included:

  • Experimenting with extreme dieting
    • veganism
    • very low calorie diets
    • fasting
  • Depriving myself then binge eating
  • Working out hard to the point of exhaustion

in the end my body was abused.

I was very confused and relying on others to tell me what was good for me and what was not. With so much conflicting information on the internet and in the media – I didn’t know what to do.

I started practicing yoga in my early 20’s and I loved it and I still do.

I love that yoga is:

  • physical
  • mental
  • spiritual
  • and that yoga makes my body stronger and more flexible

I love that I have a greater sense of well-being and peace at the end of a yoga session.

Despite all of the positive benefits I was receiving from yoga, it took me several years to take the more emotional and mental aspects of yoga off the mat and into my life. Once I started to apply yoga to my daily life, the weight I had struggled with since my early 20’s came off and stayed off, my blood sugar stabilized, my mood stabilized, and my emotional well-being stabilized.

I have never been healthier than I am right now and I am confident that I will continue to live this healthy lifestyle well into old-age; continuing an active, healthy lifestyle so that I can enjoy this one grand life to the fullest.

Through both my education, including a B.S. in human nutrition, a certificate in health coaching, a certificate in yoga teaching and an associates in culinary arts, along with my life experience,  I have the knowledge and skills to support you on your path to the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Before and After:

Before and after

If you struggle with:

  • sugar addiction
  • caffeine addiction
  • weight control
  • energy balance
  • skin issues, including psoriasis, allergy, acne, dry skin
  • digestive upset (heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, cramping)
  • allergies
  • negative self-image
  • inflammation
  • joint pain

I can design a diet and lifestyle plan that works for you as an individual, meets your needs, and puts you on your path to the happy, healthy life you deserve.

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