Yoga For Balanced Eating (YFBE) at The Dancing Elephant FAQs

DATES and TIME: Sundays 3-5 pm Four sessions in person at The Dancing Elephant Yoga Studio 16 School St Rockland, ME, 2 sessions online using Anymeeting online forum.

In Person sessions: February 8, March 8, April 12&26

Online sessions: February 22 and March 22

Through YFBE, participants will learn the when, where, why and what of eating for them as individuals. For participants who eat when they are happy, angry or sad those challenges will be addressed through mindful eating. Participants who can’t figure out the right foods to eat, careful experimentation, over the course will make the answer clear. Is it best to eat three meals a day or several, high-protein or low-fat? The answer will be different for each person based on their Metabolic Type, activity level, age, and lifestyle. Through the YFBE course you will come out with a customized diet and lifestyle plan.


  • Check-in what’s new and good
  • Pranayama and Gentle Yoga
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle weekly topic
  • Discussion and Q&A


PRANAYAMA and GENTLE YOGA: Pranayama is yogic breathing to gain awareness of the vital life force of breath. Yogic exercises bring conscious awareness to body and breath. Greater body awareness leads to mindful food choices. Gentle yoga practice and pranayama require no experience. One session of yoga will be more vigorous but will be scaled to abilities.

FACEBOOK: A Facebook group page will be established to keep in touch between sessions. Participants can ask questions, share recipes and provide support.

Online sessions will be held at Anymeeting , an online forum. Participants will have the option of using their webcam, phone or computer audio.

Fill out a Health History form before the first session.

You are an individual, take the time and attention to create the healthy, happy life you deserve.

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