Yoga Practice to Unleash Your Creative Spirit Part 3 of 4

Before reading this blog post, read Part 1 and Part 2.



the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations. Originality, progressiveness, or imagination, manifesting in artistic expression.

Do you yearn to express yourself artistically and don’t feel you have the skill? Or do you have a talent that is blocked and unable to express?

For your creative spirit to flow, the Chakras need to be in balance. Although the Chakras run up and down your spine from the Root Chakra at your tailbone to the Crown Chakra hovering just above your head, it is not necessary to start at the bottom and work to the top. Instead attention and care given to each of the Chakras on a regular basis, provides insight into which Chakra may need extra attention at any given time.

In this blog post I will introduce you to the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras. Working toward physical, emotional and spiritual balance in the Chakras, will unleash your full, fearless creative power.

Solar Plexus:

The Solar Plexus Chakra resides just behind the belly-button. This energy center holds your space of autonomy, power, and your ‘gut-instinct’. When you feel powerless or insecure, sending breath to this space and building strength in this space is beneficial.

Physical pain or tightness can manifest in these emotional or spiritual feels and vice versa. Determining which is the core cause, physical or emotional, can be challenging but practicing Yoga and Chakra balancing help to distinguish between the two.



Yoga poses that build strength in the abdomen and breath work that allows this space to be soft are both beneficial to building up this energy center.

  • Boat pose
  • Bow pose
  • Warrior 1 (breath into the belly)

Hold each posture for 5 breaths and repeat a few times throughout the day.


Eat foods that are gentle yet nourishing to the belly, bananas, green tea, rice

Heart Chakra:

The Heart Chakra is the center of kindness and compassion.

Because we sit at desks and in front of computers so often for work and entertainment, it is common for our shoulders to round and our chest to cave in. This concavity and closing off leads to an under-stimulated Heart Chakra which manifests as intolerance and frustration both for self and those around us. An open, stimulated Heart Chakra leads to a kind and compassionate person.

You may have had an experience where someone has hurt you and you crossed your arms over your chest and hugged yourself tight, attempting to protect your heart. This is instinctual, natural.

Mindful attention to your actions and reactions can lead to a different choice. When feeling hurt or wronged, allow your shoulders to fall down the back, allow for the natural lift to the chest, and allow your response to the situation to come from this space, a space of openness, kindness and compassion.

The symptom of a closed or under-stimulated Heart Chakra may be caused by physical stress or it could be a symptom of emotional stress. When your Heart Chakra is balanced, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity without judgement.



Yoga poses that open the chest and shoulder area are beneficial to the Heart Chakra.

  • Eagle
  • Cobra
  • Fish

Practice these poses a few times per day holding each for at least 5 breaths.


Leafy-greens, broccoli, asparagus

Throat Chakra:

Have you ever felt ‘choked up’ or inhibited in your speech? Again, this restricted or muted feeling can arise from either physical tightness or emotional tightness, by releasing the physical tension, you will feel more comfortable expressing yourself freely.


Yoga poses:

  • Shoulder pose
  • Camel
  • Plow
  • Bridge

Practice daily, hold for 5 slow breaths each


Fresh fruit and juice, tea

Practice these Chakra balancing tools for one week before continuing on to Part 4 of 4 Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

If you are interested in exploring your creative spirit and how balancing Chakras enhances your creative expression, join me for Art & Yoga: Back to Basics October 4-8, 2018