5 Week Series: Prevent Weight Gain As We Approach the New Year

Sometimes the best we can hope for around the holidays is to prevent gaining weight.

More often than not the average person gains between 7 and 10 lbs from Thanksgiving to January 1st.

In order to lose that weight you will need to

  • decrease your calories to 12oo kCal/day for a minimum of 40 days


  • perform 2 hours of physical activity for a minimum of 40 days

Do you have time or energy for all of that? I know I don’t.

 This 5 week series will help you to prevent the holiday weight gain this year.

Check back to this BLOG every Monday to get the next tips in the series.

November 30th: Dehydration and weight gain

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December 7th: 15 minute a day Get $20 off tasty holiday gifts at Mouth.com!

December 14th: Party Eating Tips


December 21st: Appetizers on a Calorie Budget

December 28th: 4 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution in 2016

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  • lose weight
  • increase energy
  • prevent disease like diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diet related diseases

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