3 Gentle Ways to Fall Detox

As the seasons change from warm to cool; lush green to dry vibrant hues; busy summer days to calmer routine, this is a perfect time to do a detox.

Eating with the seasons means changing your diet to compliment and balance your environment. Dry cooking methods, dry foods, warming spices and temperatures are just what the body needs as we transition from summer into the Autumn season.

A Fall Detox includes:

  • seasonal foods: root vegetables, apples and pears
  • slow cooked broths
  • Sun Salutations

Root vegetables, winter squash, and cruciferous vegetables are ready for harvest and eating. Roasting these vegetables is a method for moving from summer to fall. The release of the natural sweetness through roasting will help to curb the Autumn craving for sweets and carbs that many of us get this time of year. This warm, dry method of cooking compliments the environment.

Apples and pears are harvested in the fall. These fruit are easily preserved for the coming winter months either by canning chutney and applesauce or by building a root cellar to keep them fresh longer. Chutney and applesauce compliment the season with the warming spices of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

Making slow cooked broths from roasted chicken, beef or lamb bones. Roasting softens the bones, when added to water and slowly cooked over time, the bones are better able to release all of the minerals, collagen, gelatin, and vitamins. Slow cooked broths are full of healing nutrition. Add fresh root vegetables like, carrots, onions, turnips, and rhutabega for even more nutrition. At the very end before you serve add chopped parsley, rosemary, or thyme. These herbs contain high amounts of vitamins A&C as well as antioxidants.

Sun Salutations every morning. Ten Sun Salutations each morning will help to warm the body up for these crisp, cool days. The gentle sweat will help to remove toxins and stimulate the lymph to keep moving germs and virus out of the body. To watch a video of a Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow visit my YouTube page at: http://youtu.be/IbnvB4bA6dw

Incorporating these foods and habits into your daily routine will get your body ready for colder temperatures, cold and flu season and the busy holiday season just a few months away.

If you would like additional help and support through your fall detox, please call me at 207-594-0707 or tara@monheganwellness.com