Two 15-Minute Vinyasa Flows that Can be Worked into Any Schedule: One Gentle, One Vigorous

If you are like me, my days are jam packed with work and family. There are days that I am being pulled in a million directions and have more items on my to-do list than minutes in the day. I made a pact with myself several years ago that I would make my health and wellness a priority. Some days are easier than others, but I can always work in 15 minutes, I am worth at least 15 minutes a day. ūüėČ

I created these two yoga flows for my busiest days. One is vigorous to get my heart rate up, metabolism revved, and to increase my energy. I really like this flow on days when I feel stressed, getting out some of the anxious energy is very calming. This flow positively affects the whole body, strengthening the legs, lower back, arms and increasing my sense of well-being.

Other days, a little peace and quiet is exactly what I need. A slow, methodical, stretch and gentle flow provides the break I need from the constant whirring of my brain. If I have been sitting for long periods of time, my body feels 100% better after a good stretch and I can better focus on the tasks at hand.

Both of these flows can be modified to your abilities. Speed them up or slow them down depending on what your mind and body need that day. Both of these flows can be done in a small space, without equipment. As long as you have comfortable clothes on (I do these flows in jeans or dress pants on a regular basis) you can do these yoga flows anywhere, anytime.

I live and work in this small space. These yoga flows can be done anyplace, anytime.
I live and work in this small space. These yoga flows can be done anyplace, anytime.


Yoga Flows:


  1. Vinyasa flow
    1. mountain pose
    2. forward bend
    3. low lunge (step right foot back first)
    4. table top
    5. cat/cow
    6. low lunge (step right foot forward)
    7. forward bend
    8. mountain pose
  2. Warrior I (right side)
  3. Vinyasa flow
  4. Warrior I (left side)
  5. Vinyasa flow
  6. Warrior II (right side)
  7. Vinyasa flow
  8. Warrior II (left side)
  9. Vinyasa flow
  10. Tree pose (right then left)
  11. Down dog (hold for 2 minutes)
  12. Step right foot to hands, step back, step left foot to hands, step back (repeat for 2 minutes)
  13. Plank (hold 30 seconds)
  14. Lay on your belly
  15. Lift chest off the floor 10 times (inhale as you rise up, exhale as you release down)
  16. Lift legs off the floor 10 times (inhale as you rise up, exhale as you release down)
  17. Flip onto your back
  18. Fingers pointing toward your feet lift and lower your shoulders off the floor 10 times (inhale as you rise up, exhale lower down)
  19. Hands palms down under your buttocks, lift and lower your legs 10 times (inhale as you rise up, exhale lower down)
  20. Svasana 2-3 minutes (gentle breath, fully relaxed)

Set a timer so you aren’t constantly looking at the clock. Move at a pace that works for you, speed up if you like or slow down to suit your body‚Äôs needs.



  1. Vinyasa flow, slow and controlled, taking plenty of time in each posture to stretch and release.  Repeat 4 times
  2. Lying on your back, use a strap
    1. elevate both legs and use the strap to hold them upright (3-5 breaths)
    2. stretch your hamstring by bringing one leg to 90¬į and drawing your foot overhead using the strap (3-5 breaths)
    3. return the leg to 90¬į, use the strap to guide the leg out to the side, stretching the inner thigh (3-5 breaths)
    4. return the leg to 90¬į, use the strap to guide the leg across the midline, coming into a supine twist. Shoulders remain on the floor (3-5 breaths)
    5. return to lying flat on the floor
    6. repeat other side
  3. Clasp opposite elbows, forearms over chest, bring one elbow at a time toward the floor (alternate back and forth as many times as you like, inhale as you return center, exhale elbow toward the floor)
  4. Take a cushion, bolster or blankets stacked on top of one another
    1. place at lower back
    2. lay back
    3. relax your legs in a comfortable position
    4. relax your arms, palms up to your sides
    5. heart opening, restorative posture
    6. stay here breathing and relaxing for 2 minutes
  5. Svasana 2-3 minutes

Set a timer so that you don’t have to worry about the time or be constantly looking at a clock.

If you don’t complete all of the flow, no worries, you gave yourself 15 minutes that is better than nothing.

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